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Charming real african girl Nisa squirting hairy pussy. See bulletin, heads-UP, poop, dope, piping HOT, pipe down, tocsin, tannoy, horn, beaters 'n' bleaters, tooter. See THE eagle shits, salary, BP, PRO PAY, field allowance, UA, BAQ, BAH, separate rats, dead horse, SDP, TSP, double-DIP, cola, misery index, GI bill; compare slush fund, candy, golden shower, pork barrel, third estate, silent majority, white trash. BAD attitude : exhibiting a selfish What's in it for me? Bullfight / bullfighting : a traditional spectacle wherein a bull is fought in a prescribed way, within a bullring, then ritualistically killed with a sword by a matador, assisted by banderilleros and picadors. "Proud as a cock on his own dunghill. V: petasus / petasos : a broad-brimmed hat worn by ancient Greek travelers and hunters, often represented in art as a winged hat worn by Hermes or Mercury bushido : the traditional code of the samurai, especially in feudal Japan. It has often been noted that MacArthur's "genius" was diminished by his arrogance and obstinence. Examples include paratroopers who skydive when off-duty, infantrymen who hike and rock climb, coxswains who canoe or kayak, aircrew who hang glide, and so forth.

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Also, a stump, platform, or other structure used for speeches, auctions, or beheadings. Nb: 'whist' is an earlier form of the card game 'bridge' but without bidding nb: the card game of 'bridge' purportedly originated in Turkey, where its ostensible name supposedly means "one hand revealed while the other three are concealed. Bluing : a corrosion-inhibiting and wear-protection coating applied to metals, appearing dull or bright, matte or glossy, and variously colored blue, black, gray, or brown. Also, to retrain or discharge an individual for cause after a military review board hearing of evidence; see recycle, COG, chapter 10, section eight. Army rangers resisted imposition of the tan beret, claiming precedence with the black beret when both tankers and opfor were also wearing it, falsely attributing its wear to their antecedent Colonial units, such as Rogers' Rangers, except that.

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